East Africa Drought Relief Fund

The Government of Canada has established the East Africa Drought Relief Fund. The Government will match every dollar donated by individual Canadians to registered Canadian charities who are raising money for this Fund. If you would like to have your donation matched through the Fund, donations must be made through registered Canadian charities. To verify […]

Animals & Domestic Violence

Deliberate cruelty, or threatened cruelty, to animals is a form of violence. Besides being harmful to a living creature that is capable of feeling pain, animal cruelty can be one of the earliest predictors that an individual is developing a pattern of seeking power and control by inflicting suffering on others. It can also be […]

Condos & Early Planning Agreements – Part 2

A little while ago, we began a discussion about early planning agreements.  In the kind of response we love to see here at the LRC, a reader, Yakov A., provided a great deal of further information on the topic (see his comments on arguments that might result in the return of the deposit). In a nutshell, Yakov […]

Alternative Voting Systems

Recently, we had a federal election here in Canada, and many people noticed that when all was said and done, the distribution of seats in the House of Commons didn’t very closely match the distribution of votes that each party received.  There is a good reason for this, and it has to do with the […]

Condos & Early Planning Agreements

Anyone who has ever bought, or looked into buying, a condominium, knows that owning a condo is really very different from owning a house.  First, there is the condo corporation. Then, there are matters such as the condo board, the condo fees, common areas, the reserve fund, and the by-laws. Now, for potential buyers of incomplete condos, we can add “early planning […]

Contempt of Parliament? What does that even mean?

In the past few weeks, we have heard a great deal about “contempt of Parliament”.  This is because, for the first time in Canadian history, and apparently in Commonwealth history, an entire government has been found to be in contempt of Parliament. Naturally, the question that arises is: what does that actually mean?  Many Canadians […]

Secondary Suites: what the heck are they and why should you care?

FAQ:  How do I know if I live in an illegal secondary suite? We’ve all heard of them: secondary suites, granny pads, garden suites, mother-in-law suites, etc.. I grew up on a farm so I’ve always had my own image of a secondary suite: a granary that has been turned into a one-room cabin where […]

A Question about Lawyer’s Fees and Retainers

Question of the month from the Garvie Reading Room: I need a lawyer to help me with a situation, so I met with one the other day. The lawyer said that before she would do any work on my case, I would have to pay her $3,000.00 as a retainer. Why should I have to […]

Who Owns the Tips?

A note from Teresa Mitchell, LawNow editor: Our columnists have always been one  of the great strengths of LawNow magazine.  Each issue they write about the area of law that interests them the most, and the results are concise, informative, and sometimes provocative.  Our columns cover family law, human rights decisions, aboriginal law, employment law, […]

The Joys of Winter, and the Wonder of Insurance Policies

We all have an idyllic image of winter that we can call to mind in order to cope when our winter wonderland isn’t so wonderful, and the land is covered in white. Let me build a picture for you. A cozy log cabin, surrounded by fluffy white snow, icicles formed from the roof reflecting and […]

Today's Trial: R. v. Tran

The Supreme Court of Canada had an opportunity last November to hear the appeal of a tragic case of murder that occurred in Edmonton in 2004.  Its judgment combined two worlds: facts that could have been lifted from a 20thcentury soap opera, with legal history dating back to the 1500s. Its decision encapsulates 21st century […]

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