Grandparents’ Rights – What do the words mean?

What do the words mean?


child a person who is under the age of 18 years
contact access to a child
consent order an order of the court that is decided upon consent between the parties and then submitted to a judge for review and signature (as opposed to the parties presenting different sides to the judge and the judge making the final decisions)
contact order an order of the court made under section 35 of the Alberta Family Law Act in response to an application by a grandparent or other party requesting contact with to a child. Such an order permits contact between the child and persons other than the guardian, for example, grandparents or other people who are important to the child. If a guardian denies contact with a child, people such as the grandparents can apply for in-person visitation or other contact (for example, by telephone or e-mail).
court the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench or the Alberta Provincial Court, as the case may be
father the biological father of a child, or, in the case of an adopted child, a male person who adopts the child
grandparent the parent of a child’s father or mother
guardian an adult who has legal responsibility to care for and financially support a child, and the authority to make all of the decisions with respect to that child. Unless otherwise ordered by a court, the father and mother of a child are joint guardians of a child.
intact family a nuclear family in which the parents have not separated or divorced, and neither parent has died
leave of the court permission from the court to proceed with an application to the court. This is a separate process/ question that must be addressed before the applicant can ask the court for what s/he wants
mother the person who gives birth to a child, or, in the case of an adopted child, a female person who adopts the child
parent the father or mother of a child


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