LawNow Vol 42-1 Sept/Oct 2017

Leaving a legacy is no simple matter. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure that you maximize the benefit to your families and loved ones even after you’ve kicked the bucket.

Volume 42-1  Sept/Oct  2017

Table of Contents

Featured Articles: Wills and Estates

Special Report: The Senate



Featured Articles: Wills and Estates

“Have You Heard the One About The Canadian Who Died Without a Will?”
Kathy Hawkesworth
Harness “will power”; light-hearted twist on a serious topic with five excuses and rebuttals.

People Always Told Me, Be Careful What you Do: Wills and Dependency Legislation
Fred R. Fenwick QC and Andrea MacLean
Struggles and balancing of interests inherent in Alberta’s wills and dependency legislation.

Round Two: Blended Families and Estate Planning
Mandy England
Issues commonly arise when estate planning for blended families.

Inheritance Issues in Bankruptcy
Doug Hoyes
When someone files for bankruptcy, he/she surrenders all non-exempt assets including inheritances.

Death and Taxes: When the Certainties Collide
Christie Hoem-McNall and Hugh Neilson
As the cliché goes, the only certainties in life are death and taxes. When the former occurs, the Personal Representative of the Estate must address the latter.

Setting Up Wills and Trusts
Doug Surtees and Amanda S.A. Doucette
To understand your choices in estate planning, it is essential to understand the difference between a will and a trust.

Mental Capacity Has Different Meanings in Different Contexts
Donna L. Gee
Capacity in a will-making is not the same as the capacity to make decisions concerning personal care, health and managing one’s financial affairs.

Special Report: The Senate

A Renewed Senate That Works for Canadians
Senator Peter Harder
Remodelling the Senate to build a more independent institution.

The Senate Reference: Supreme Court of Canada Outlines Constitutional Road to Reform
Katherine Creelman
Parliament finds out how it can change or abolish the Senate.

An Insider’s Look at Senate Committees
Marjun Parcasio
The work of Senate Committees is often undervalued and overlooked.


Aaida Peerani

Peter Bowal and Ahmed Zaid
Scoring NAFTA: The United States Trounces Canada in Investor-State Disputes

New Resources at CPLEA
Lesley Conley

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