New Publications – 2016/2017



Court Fees & Waivers in Alberta
Planning for Incapacity

Families and the Law: Domestic Violence Series

Child Custody and Parenting Orders
Emergency Protection Orders
Exclusive Possession Orders
Financial Support Options
Gathering Evidence of Abuse
If You’re Thinking of Leaving
Leaving an Abusive Relationship… If you are not a Canadian citizen
No Contact Orders – Flowchart
Peace Bonds
Planning for an Emergency
Preparing for Court
Queen’s Bench Protection Orders
Restraining Orders
Serving Documents on an Abusive Party
Working with a Family Law Lawyer
Writing an Affidavit

Planning Ahead Series

Medical Assistance in Dying

Families and the Law

Separation Agreement Checklist

Landlord & Tenant Resources

Abandoned Goods
After the Fire for Landlords & Tenants in Alberta
Death of Tenant
Renting Basics: Easy read guide to renting in Alberta 
Your Rights when Renting: Human Rights in Alberta (Collection of online resources)

Condo Law for Albertans (For condo board members)

Checklist for first time board members
Condo Board Conduct
What you need to know about condominium bylaws
What a Condo Board can do if bylaws are not followed
What to consider if you are self-managing a condominium
Tips for hiring and working with a condo manager
The Big 3: Condominium contributions, special assessments and reserve funds
Condo Documents 101: What a condominium corporation needs to know
Reserve Fund Guide
Handling disputes with owners and tenants tip sheet
Election to a condominium board
Condominium Boards and Requests for Information
Rental Units for Condo Boards

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