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General Legal Information

LawCentral Alberta
A portal that links to reliable legal information sources and services in Alberta and Canada.

Canadian Legal FAQs
Answers to over 1,000 Frequently Asked Questions about the law in Canada and Alberta.

Our online magazine helping Canadians understand how the law affects their lives.


Specialized Legal Information – Topic Specific

Laws for Landlords and Tenants
Everything you need to know about renting law in Alberta.

Condo Law for Albertans
Plain language legal information for Alberta consumers who are  buying a condo, living in one, or considering selling or renting their condo.

Your Rights at Work
Videos, infographics, articles, and quizzes on employment law in Alberta.


Specialized Legal Information – Audience Specific

WillowNet: Abuse and the Law in Alberta
Legal information for Albertans experiencing violence in a relationship.

OakNet: Older Adult Knowledge Network
Excellent source of legal information on topics of interest to older Albertans.

Charity Central
Information to help registered charities learn about their responsibilities.

LawCentral Schools
LawCentral Schools provides legal learning material for teachers in Alberta classrooms.

Women and the Law in Alberta
Online version of a booklet created by Calgary Legal Guidance. Provides plain language legal information on a wide variety of legal issues impacting women.

Canadian Law and Modern Day Foreign Brides
Legal information for women who come to Canada to marry through an arranged marriage, matchmaking agency, or mail order bride service.

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COVID-19 Alberta Law FAQ

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