The 12 days of PLE Christmas…

Seasons’ Greetings! Here at the Legal Resource Centre, we love public legal education (PLE) and we love the holiday season. Some of us even love to sing. Although none of us here are professionals in that area, we like to think that we make up with enthusiasm what we lack in expertise. In that vein, […]

The Power of Regulations III – Carole's Vue Weekly podcast

Carole’s blog posts from June 25 and June 30 have garnered some attention! Carole was interviewed this past week by Vue Weekly about some of the legal issues raised in Toronto at the G20 protests one month ago. Listen to the 10-minute  podcast where Carole speaks about free speech, what your rights are in a […]

Todays Trial – Employment Law

Today’s Trial looks at three recent and important cases that touch on employment law.

Benchpress – January, 2009

No redemption, what do youths understand, the most vulnerable and marginalized, and hyperlinks.

Canada’s 40th Parliament in Crisis: Eric Adams

Eric Adams, Faculty of Law, will clarify the constitutional rules and principles at stake in evaluating the actions of “Prime Minister Harper and the Governor General.”

Canada’s 40th Parliament in Crisis:James Muir

James Muir, Department of History and Classics & Faculty of Law, will provide a reminder of “Coalition Government in Canada’s Political Tradition.”

PLE / Canada / Fulbright: Podcast #1 — Gordon Hardy of the People’s Law School

Interview with Gordon Hardy, Executive Director of the People’s Law School in Vancouver, B.C. (December 6, 2006)

Law librarians who think their jobs are pretty cool

This week’s guests: Kirsten Wurmann, Public Legal Education Librarian (Legal Resource Centre of Alberta); Connie Crosby, law firm librarian, blogger, and CALL & TALL Executive Board member. A podcast by James Milles, University at Buffalo Law School. Recorded Tuesday, May 23, 2006.

Today’s Trial – Parental Alienation

Two recent judgments explore the repercussions of “parental alienation syndrome,” and the sometime extreme steps that can be taken to remedy it. Written and Narrated by Teresa Mitchell, editor of LawNow.

Protecting Personal Privacy

How do we deal with the privacy, civil liberties, and human rights concerns that online personal information is bound to raise? There are organizations and resources available for citizenship education. Written and Narrated by Kirsten Wurmann, Librarian with the Legal Resource Centre in Edmonton, AB.

An Overview of CRA Guidance on Fundraising by Registered Charities, July 2009

This interview with Peter Broder, a lawyer and policy analyst with the Muttart Foundation in Edmonton, Alberta covers: definition of fundraising, cost of fundraising activities, private gain, other CRA requirements and provincial fundraising requirements.

Before the Work Begins: The Top Five Legal Mistakes in Starting a Small Business

Small Business owners sometimes go astray (legally speaking) when setting up their businesses. Written and narrated by Carole Aippersbach, a lawyer with the Legal Resource Centre.

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