Non-Profit and Charity Law

Charity Central is a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

The initiative supports Canadian charities by providing information and resources to help them to understand and comply with the requirements of the Income Tax Act in the areas of receipting, fundraising, books and records, and accountability and transparency practices. Resources are available in English and French.

To view all information and resources available for registered charities please visit

Resources in this section focus on what a charity is required to do to keep proper books and records,  general requirements such as format (print and/or electronic), number of copies, location and retention, as well as questions about what Canada Revenue Agency means when it says that charities must keep “adequate books and records”.

Resources found in this section deal with issuing proper tax donation receipts.

Resources listed here outline the legal requirements relating to fundraising for all Canadian charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency

This section of the Charity Central website, entitled Road to Accountability, you will find plain language resource materials and learning opportunities on accountability and transparency practices for registered charities and not-for-profit organizations.

A three part pack for registered charities to assess their current accountability and transparency practices, to access more information and to develop an action plan to move closer to being accountable.

Introduces the concept of accountability and transparency, shares some good accountability and transparency practices.

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