Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue

The Centre for Public Legal Education is home to the Garvie Reading Room (GRR), a non-circulating library designed to serve public legal education providers and creators, researchers and the staff of the Legal Resource Centre. Here you will find materials that concern the theory and practice of public legal education (PLE), and which support the broader professional activities of CPLEA.

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The Collection
The Public Legal Education Collection is a comprehensive collection of materials about the theory and practice of public legal education in two parts:

Historical PLE: materials that document the development and history of public legal education in Canada from its emergence in the 1970’s. Sources include:
Sandra Garvie Memorial Collection: works retained in storage when the Legal Resource Centre closed its print library in 1998 and restored for use in 2007/08 (1281 records)
Pamphlet Archive: pamphlets with legal information and community program descriptions collected during the life of the Legal Resource Centre print library and archived at the University of Alberta in 2003. (5771 records)
ACJNet Documentation Centre: items donated by the Department of Justice Canada in 2004. (650 records)
Legal Service Society of British Columbia: items donated in 2002 on the closure of their Legal Resource Centre. (12 records)
Current PLE: up-to-date materials for public legal education
The Professional Collection is a modest collection of materials that support the ongoing professional development and program activities of the staff of the Legal Resource Centre who include lawyers, librarians, IT staff, and educators.

The collection also contains materials funded by the Alberta Law Foundation that do not fit into either the PLE or Professional categories.

Who was Sandra Garvie?
Our name honors the life and contributions of Sandra Garvie, a librarian who was a pioneer in the early development of public legal education theory and practice. In her work at the Legal Resource Centre from 1976 until her untimely death in 1979, she was instrumental in establishing the library collection as one of the pre-eminent public legal education collections in Canada. She also spearheaded the Library Materials Placement Project which enabled over 20 Alberta public libraries to receive grants from the Alberta Law Foundation to begin or to improve their legal collections. Sandra was dedicated to the idea of increasing public access to legal information and to developing the skills of non-lawyers in both using and influencing the legal systems. She brought a high level of competence, energy, innovation and courage to her work.

Our Funders
The restoration of the historical collection of the Legal Resource Centre library from storage to active service was made possible by The Sandra Garvie Memorial Fund.

The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta receives ongoing support from the Alberta Law Foundation.

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