Solving Legal Problems

Solving Legal Problems

Is it Reliable: Seven Clues to Good Legal Information – TIPSHEET
This tip sheet gives an outline of how to tell if the information you getting is good. Is it up-to-date, from a reliable source, and does it apply to the province in which you reside.

Last Updated: September 2012

Legal Information vs. Legal Advice: What is the difference? – TIPSHEET
This tip sheet explains some of the main differences between legal information and legal advice.

Last Updated: April 2015

Seven Steps to Solving a Legal Problem – TIPSHEET
There are laws to protect us from being treated unfairly. It’s often hard to know who is right, where to start, or what to do if the problem isn’t easily solved. This information guide identifies seven steps to help sort out any legal problem and provides tricks you can use to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Last Updated: 2013

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