Domestic Violence: It’s Your Business! Workshop Announcement

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords

Alberta Residential Landlord Association

October Educational Seminar & General Meeting Luncheon

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Chateau Louis Conference Centre
11727 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton     St. Michael Room

Domestic Violence: It’s your business!

Every year there are over 10,000 incidents of domestic violence in Alberta that are serious enough that police get involved. Landlords, property managers, and other on-site staff are often the first to be aware that violence may be occurring in a family. But many people are uncomfortable dealing with that knowledge. Whose business is it anyway?

Workshop Facilitators:

  • Professor Lois Gander, Q.C. Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
  • Cortney Lohnes, Education Coordinator, Stop Abuse in Families
  • Judy Feng, Lawyer, Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta
  • Edmonton Police Service and its Victims Services Unit

This Seminar will provide practical
information that will help landlords, property managers, and on-site workers
reduce the incidence and severity of domestic violence on their premises.
Resource people will address: 

  • ways of reducing domestic violence on your property
  • how to spot early signs of domestic violence
  • what you can do when it does occur
  • what happens when the police are called
  • what resources and services are available to help

Participants will each get a copy of a new resource, Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords developed by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. The Toolkit is also available at

This event will be of interest to anyone who deals with tenants of residential rental property who wants to prevent domestic violence if they can and address it effectively if it does happen.

Please be advised Axel Tardieu, Video Journalist for CBC Radio Canada, will be on hand to video the presentation.

For more information or to register

Contact Brittany Dorado at [email protected]

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