LawNow Vol. 44-1 Sept/Oct 2019

Volume 44-1  Sept/Oct 2019 Table of Contents Feature Articles: Back to School Special Report: Canada as a Bilingual Country Departments Columns September marks the beginning of another school year. This issue looks at current legal topics impacting Alberta parents, students, teachers, and beyond. This issue also reports on Canada as a bilingual country.   Feature […]

Educational Design & Evaluation Specialist

Educational Design & Evaluation Specialist – View Full Posting The position This is full-time, Edmonton based position, reporting to the Executive Director. Duties include: planning, designing and analyzing our public legal education and information resources; directing needs assessments and environmental scans; making decisions about the content of CPLEA’s educational resources and programs in consultation with […]

LawNow Vol. 43-6 July/August 2019

Volume 43-6  July/Aug 2019 Table of Contents Feature Articles: Health Law Special Report: Freedom of Speech Departments Columns           Emerging technologies and societal concerns create new challenges for healthcare. This issue highlights some current health law topics. Feature Articles: Health Law AI in healthcare is coming, and we need to be […]

LawNow Vol. 43-5 May/June 2019

Volume 43-5 May/June 2019 Table of Contents Featured Articles: How We Make Our Laws Special Report: Employment Law Departments Columns       Crafting new laws is a complex and lengthy undertaking. This issue of LawNow looks at how it happens. Featured Articles: How We Make Our Laws The Legislative Process: How We Make Our […]

LawNow Vol. 43-4 Mar/Apr 2019

Volume 43-4  Mar/April 2019 Table of Contents Featured Articles: Protecting Privacy Special Report: Immigration Law Departments Columns       Canadians worry a lot about protecting their privacy.  This issue of LawNow examines some of these concerns. Featured Articles: Protecting Privacy Privacy and Medical Information in the Workplace Myrna El Fakhry Tuttle An employer’s right […]

LawNow Vol. 43-3 Jan/Feb 2019

Volume 43-3  Jan/Feb 2019 Table of Contents Featured Articles: Juries in Canada Special Report: Emergencies and the Law Departments Columns       The jury system is an important part of our criminal justice system. This issue looks at the reasons why. Featured Articles: Juries in Canada Juries as the Great Democratic Hope of the […]

LawNow 43-2 Nov/Dec 2018

Volume 43-2  Nov/Dec 2018 Table of Contents Featured Articles: Legal Weed Special Report: Millennials and the Sharing Economy Departments Columns This is a day many Canadians thought would never come.  The use of cannabis is legal in Canada. (Some Exceptions Apply!) Featured Articles: Legal Weed How Pot Smoking Became Illegal in Canada Professor Catherine Carstairs […]

Domestic Violence: It’s Your Business! Workshop Announcement

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords Alberta Residential Landlord Association October Educational Seminar & General Meeting Luncheon Thursday, October 18, 2018Chateau Louis Conference Centre11727 Kingsway Avenue NW, Edmonton     St. Michael Room Domestic Violence: It’s your business! Every year there are over 10,000 incidents of domestic violence in Alberta that are serious enough that police get involved. […]

LawNow 43-1 September/October 2018

Volume 43-1  Sept/Oct  2018 Table of Contents Featured Articles: #MeToo Movement Special Report: Colours of the Law Departments Columns     Perspectives on the intersection of  law and the #MeToo Movement. Featured Articles: #MeToo Movement It’s a Movement, Not a Moment Flora Vineberg The #MeToo Movement: Where It Came From and Where It’s Going Putting […]

LawNow Vol. 42-6 July/August 2018

Volume 42-6 July/Aug 2018 Table of Contents Featured Articles: Ticket to Ride Special Report: Diversity in the Law and the Legal Profession Departments Columns     Canadian laws that impact your travel and transport. Featured Articles: Ticket to Ride Bicycle Law in Alberta Jeff Surtees and Dave Pettitt Cyclists should assume that almost everything that […]

Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords – Project Update

May 11, 2018   Response to Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords The response to the Domestic Violence Toolkit for Landlords has been terrific! Already over 500 kits or portions of kits have been downloaded from CPLEA’s web sites. If you haven’t got yours yet, go to and click on the image for the toolkit […]

May 2018 – Updated resource “Being a Guarantor”

  Being a guarantor is a big responsibility and can have serious consequences. This recently updated booklet published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta addresses how important it is to understand exactly what you are getting yourself into and what the impact of signing the agreement may be. Click here to view “Being […]

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