LawNow 39-6: The Top Court, Self-Represented Litigants


Canada’s top court is a cornerstone of our Parliamentary democracy and the Rule of Law.  It has shaped our nation since 1875. Volume 39-6 – July/August 2015 Table of Contents Featured Articles: The Top Court Special Report: Self Represented-Litigants Columns Featured Articles: The Top Court Democratic Governance: The Constitution and Canada’s Branches of Government Lorraine Snyder and Dustin […]

New Resources from CPLEA: Using Legal Tools to Discourage Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

CPLEA is participating at the 2015 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Proclamation Event at City Hall today, June 15. We are showcasing new resource materials (English and French) on how readily available legal tools can be used to discourage elder abuse. These legal documents include enduring powers of attorney, personal directives, guardianship and trusteeship. The […]

“Can my boss do that?” New Employment Law Resources


CPLEA has a collection of new resources on employment law for youth in Alberta. Funded by the Human Rights and Multiculturalism Fund, this project was created as a way to connect new Canadians with information about their rights at work. This project was guided in part by our previous research on Law for Alberta’s Multicultural Communities. […]

CPLEA is coming to Fort McMurray

RMWB poster

Our Public Legal Education Lawyer, Amelia, is coming to Fort McMurray on May 12 & 13. She will give two presentations for tenants and landlords   The rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants during an emergency or disaster Tuesday May 12, 6-9pm Preparing your case for Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Services Wednesday May 13, 6-9pm   […]

Dial-a-Lawyer on Law Day!


Dial-a-Lawyer on Law Day! If you have a legal question or need legal advice, you can call a toll-free number on Saturday, April 18th and talk to a volunteer lawyer about your legal issue. The 15-20 minute consultation is free. If the lawyer you speak with cannot answer all your questions, they will try to connect you with resources […]

Law Day 2015


Don’t miss the fun and informative events of Law Day 2015! Law Day teaches the public about the legal system with events and activities like mock trials, courthouse tours, information fairs, and more. There are Law Days all over the province and you can find out when events are happening in your city on the Law […]

LawNow 39-4: Vulnerable Children, Romance and the Law


Volume 39-4 Table of Contents Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children Special Report: Romance and the Law Departments Columns    Featured Articles: Vulnerable Children All children are vulnerable; we know that. But some children face greater challenges than others, and the law can help these especially vulnerable little ones. Age of Criminal Responsibility: An illusive dilemma John Winterdyk Different […]

New CPLEA website! Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta

L&T website

CPLEA is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned Laws for Landlords and Tenants in Alberta website. The new website features a modern, streamlined design with enhanced searching capability and the same excellent plain language content that Alberta tenants and landlords have come to expect from CPLEA. The new website also features CPLEA’s brand […]

New Tip Sheet for Tenants: “If Your Employment Ends”

If your employment ends_Page_1

With oil prices dropping significantly and Target closing its doors, thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs. Many thousands more are worried everyday that they could lose their job. Here at CPLEA, we can’t fix the economy, but we can help people understand the law. We have created a new tip sheet for Alberta tenants who […]

Updated Canadian Legal FAQs on Living Together in Alberta

Living together in Alberta - Adult interdependent relationships

CPLEA has recently updated the information on Adult Interdependent Relationships at Canadian Legal FAQs. In Alberta provincial law doesn’t use the term “common law” to describe two people who are living together but are not legally married. Instead, two people who are in a committed domestic relationship in Alberta can be in an Adult Interdependent […]

LawNow 39-1 Looking at Criminal Law


Featured Articles: Looking at Criminal Law Perhaps more than any other area of the law, criminal law is constantly evolving. Recent Developments in Criminal Law New laws abound as the government focuses on crime.  Are they all necessary?   The Crime of Counseling Criminal Offences Could counseling a crime collide with the Charter right to freedom of expression? […]

New resources on Family Law in Alberta

CPLEA has created new resources on Family Law in Alberta in partnership with the Edmonton Community Legal Centre. The Edmonton Community Legal Centre offers free legal information sessions on Family Law. You can find the schedule at   The five booklets in the series provide practical legal information on Child Custody and Parenting, Financial Support, Property Division, Representing Yourself […]