Who Owns the Tips?

A note from Teresa Mitchell, LawNow editor: Our columnists have always been one  of the great strengths of LawNow magazine.  Each issue they write about the area of law that interests them the most, and the results are concise, informative, and sometimes provocative.  Our columns cover family law, human rights decisions, aboriginal law, employment law, […]

The Joys of Winter, and the Wonder of Insurance Policies

We all have an idyllic image of winter that we can call to mind in order to cope when our winter wonderland isn’t so wonderful, and the land is covered in white. Let me build a picture for you. A cozy log cabin, surrounded by fluffy white snow, icicles formed from the roof reflecting and […]

Today's Trial: R. v. Tran

The Supreme Court of Canada had an opportunity last November to hear the appeal of a tragic case of murder that occurred in Edmonton in 2004.  Its judgment combined two worlds: facts that could have been lifted from a 20thcentury soap opera, with legal history dating back to the 1500s. Its decision encapsulates 21st century […]

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